Content Marketing Explained

Content Marketing Explained

If you’re looking to promote a product or service, you will already know the many options available. There are more conventional routes a business can take such as television and radio advertising, it only really offers a snapshot of what the brand is about.

The use of content marketing can help paint a better picture of the brand and build a more trustworthy online reputation amongst potential customers.


What is Content Marketing

Depending on your business, content marketing could consist of blogs, video, short stories or even infographics. The focus of content marketing is to offer valuable information to the customer, while ensuring that there is still a clear call-to-action within.

The way a business chooses to craft its content marketing will depend on what the business offers but ensuring that you’re able to offer value and share your insights about the industry you operate will put your business in a more positive live with prospective customers.


Make Great Use of Organic SEO

Written content is still making the right impact online, as long as the content being created offers value and meets Google requirements when it comes to quality. Various updates have meant that simply placing keywords in the content with no context will make the content drop to the bottom of search results.

However, content that is professionally constructed and makes use keywords in the right way will find that content marketing has a positive effect when it comes to its SEO efforts.

Even a weekly blog can help shine a light on your product or service, and making use of the right keywords will mean that you’re making more sales as a result.


Capture Different Demographics with Ease

Before the introduction of social media, people will often be relying on keywords and backlinks to rise to the top of search engine results, but this information contained within these websites did little to convince customers that certain brands were for them.

Fortunately, the modern online user has plenty of choice when it comes to viewing content, and these methods need to be recognised for a brand to be able to promote itself in the right way.

Although social media marketing is a different beast altogether, it does work in tandem with content marketing, in that social media sites will be used to promote the content, along with other methods of course.

As well as fine-tuning marketing content to ensure that it makes the right impact online, businesses can also make use of various social networks to help promote their content further.

Many people still use Google to find what they need, but others will often navigate within a social network such as Facebook. Having links to your content here as well as online ensures that you’re capturing an online audience, regardless of whether they’re browsing.


Content Marketing Gives Customers a Reason to Revisit your Website

Although it may be tempting to create content that boasts about your product or services, content created with the visitor in mind will help create a stronger senses of trust. A business that is pushing for the hard-sell may find that they are less-than-successful when it comes to turnover, but creating content that offers value to the reader, be it information or a series of tips, will mean that there is more potential for the customer to return in the future.


Tell Your Brand’s Story

While some businesses may be scratching their heads as to why they’re not gaining momentum online, others will be using words and video to portray their brands story and the benefits its ability to offer.

Content marketing is not limited to written content, and this can be seen with many companies taking advantage of platforms like Snapchat with small stories and YouTube with video content.

Videos, even ones lasting mere seconds are renknowed for gaining momentum among friends when being shared, so it’s always useful to think outside-the-box when creating content.

Content marketing can be a great way of introducing a product or service, but it’s also a great way if of promoting the brands itself. People are looking for more than the cheapest price these days, they want to ensure that the company that they choose to do business with is trustworthy and reliable, and effective content marketing can help convey this.


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