Social Media Management

Social Media Management


Using social media in your marketing strategy is a must in today’s world. You can target customers and engage with them in a setting that they are familiar with and trust.


However, using social media to leverage business is not all about the ‘hard sell’, you need to build an online presence that potential customers will find useful, enjoyable and want to engage in. At Bunting Design Co we can do this for your business, we can create sharing content, create posts and schedule them, manage ads and more.

What we can do for your social media…


We can run your social media accounts by creating engaging content, targeting users with hashtags or ads, building an audience and increasing your page followers in an organic method.


We create engaging posts that are on-brand with your business.


We schedule posts to make sure they go out at the optimum times and days of the week.


We respond to comments, questions and messages. Responding in a timely manor will make customers feel valued.


Competitions are a fantastic way to build your audience and get your business seen and shared. We can create and manage engaging competitions on your social pages.


Social media is a great for targeting a specific audience. When done properly, it can save you money on advertising and make the money you do spend much more effective.


At the end of the day, the results mean everything. We analyse performance of posts, pages and ads to allow us to continuously make adjustments to optimise the effect of any social media campaign.

5 Benefits of social media to business

  1. Gain insights about your customers
    Know who you are most likely to sell to, demographics, the things they like etc
  2. Build your brand awareness
    Social media is a great way to keep your brand up to date, gain new followers and increase loyalty from existing customers.
  3. Cost Effective
    Social media can be totally free if you want it to be. But paid advertising can be much more cost effective than other forms of online advertising.
  4. Increase Traffic to your website
    One of the greatest benefits of social media is being able to direct traffic to your website; whether its to your blog, a service page or a product you are selling.
  5. Increase Search Engine Rankings
    Combined factors of social followers, social signals and consistency have proven to have benefits on Search Engine Rankings.

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